Saturday, April 9, 2016

Top 10 Popular Dancehall artists in South Sudan according to their Songs number six will shock you

Number Ten: Cash Dee
Popular known for his hit song  "Ana Bi Dapa he also have featured almost all of the Top Dancehall artist in the country and he is signed to Asylum Records

Number Nine: Jack Pro
Popular known for his hit song "Muhaba Ma Be Gurus" which he featured Princess Golda on it he is also the current assistant manager of "Stars Avenue Recording Studio in the Country which has currently produced most of the Hit Song so far under Producer Kamba

Number Eight: A –BOY
This is the man behind the hit song " Arabi  Mafi"  which is almost popular now in almost all junubin lips  wherever you open any Radio station in Juba thats the song you will begin your day with.


Number Seven: Khalf De Sys & Young Neighbour:
These artists are one of the hottest duos who highly represent s sudan music where ever they go they are the artists who sung Shuff Shuuf song one of the hottest produce hit in the city among others songs.
The bash brothers are also one of the top south Sudanese musicians in Kampala, having top fan base in Uganda, the bash brothers have been working hard everyday to satisfy the thirst of all south Sudanese music lovers.

Number Six: Rapsody and MBlaw: 
They are the United Kings Duos who have really manage to work with other east African big names like Jose Chameleon and Duos Radio and Weasal their song Sambala is currently one of the baddest hit in East Africa. these two duo want to badly grab the United Kings crew form by King Santos and King Silencer their current UK logo can even make you stop supporting United Kings

Number Five: Rover Dee and Dr Kiss: 
These are currently baddest Dancehall Duos who sung Akoniya among others songs these artists have never been quite sinces the day they bang into Music Industry.

Number Four: Slate Nation
Slate is one of the hardworking s Sudanese artist whose song Juba Juice is taking mope places currently in Juba City among others songs like Zaman tai ft Silver X

Number Three: EMMA47
Zol Batal Entertainment Music founder won Eye Radio as a Most promising artist of 2014. This is the guy behind the song “Zol Batal” check him out and enjoy his chune. Also he did various collabos with a lot of  artists such as John Frog, 50 D and many more, check him out in Juba and have a cup of tea when he comes around don’t worry about his name because he is one of the coolest artists now.

Number Two: YOGO MAN
He is now Junubin best Patwa speaker, his rhymes and flow is orginally from Gaza, Jamaica. He is all you can think now when you are in bar junction because his songs are almost everywhere in Juba like the hot heat from the sun heating river Nile.

Number One : MT7   (Degreez)
Sunday Agok Popularly known as MT7 is a young Talented South Sudanese Artist / Songwriter/Director under the record label/group Homeland Heavy Force Entertainment which is currently based the most love music Team by youth. MT7 does Ragga /Dancehall/Reggae/Hip-Hop/. He (MT7) has also recorded with Artists such as Bushaman from Uganda and among others. The singer went to Kampala for the middle school studies in Kampala Uganda . Mt7 told Juba Hot Pot how he got Bob Marley to be his Role Model and and Bob inspires him to Raggae Music, The singer is Born in a Family of Greatest South sudanese Hero Agook Manyiel of Eastern Lake  State (Yirol). MT7 has release songs Like Medina, Mama Linda, Heavy Force, Girl Dem, Suzzana, Sukun among othes songs

This mark the full list of the above Category any Doubt Coment, and for the other artists who are missing in the List you might be in the next Top 10 or else work harder to be in the list next time.Our next top Research will be publish next week
Research done by Juba Hot Pot 

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