Wednesday, March 30, 2016

50 D Asili Wen is a Banging Afro Beats song

Borntalented Popularly Known as “50 D” is a Multi-talented East African Upcoming Afro Beats and Dancehall artist from South Sudan. 50 D began his Music career in 2011 with his Hip Pop Tune “Born In Africa” which managed to become Radio Miraya’s Most played Hip Pop Song by then. The singer is the Founder of “2 Sense Crew Batallion” and the Current Owner of the Most Popular “#TeamWeGoSo Starz Generation”.
Early this Morning, the singer announced the release of his greatest Afro Beats Tune Dubbed “Asili Wen”  , a song that has been tested and proven to be a hit that can make you dance even though you are sleeping…straight talks “Asili Wen” is Knocking as one of the Greatest Club Banging Hits!
Akok Dut popularly known by his stage name “50D Borntalented” is recognized as one of the peace activist and well known anti-corruption singer who uses his music to attack any kind of wrong doings in the society  with the aim of ecouraging a peaceful co-existence and wiping out tribalism from the Young Nation.
In our interview with him, the singer said “lakes State” is the root, base and backbone of his talent and music career and a such he prefers calling it  “music backbone!” He visited Juba in 2011 where he released his first album “Panda Junub” made-up of singles and collaborations with various artists. In 2012, he got signed to Sound Wizard Government Records where he emerged a star with his track “ghetto life” featuring A moung.
Reports  emerging from the”Malesh Bashir Camp” (a refugee Camp newly formed in Khartoum to host the South Sudanese who are running to the North from war) states that all the South Sudanese refugees found in this Camp have abandoned Congolese and West African Music and switched to “Asili Wen” hit.
“For us here in “Malesh Bashir” camp, we love this song and even Yabat(old men) get on their feet and shake their stress away. Most of the shisha and shai/bun parlors I hang out with now replaced the Congolese and Nigerian songs with ‘Asili Wen’ and this has brought unity among us at the camp because we all get up and dance to this song” explained one of the refugees at the Camp.
50D who is all wrapped up with music talent was born in 1995 in a small village in Aweil to parents from Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal and later during his childhood he was transferred to Lakes State where he developed and discovered his music talent.
Please don’t miss to support the great talent from our own super heros To all South Sudanese Patriotic Citizens #ASILIWEN Is available for FREE download below.
Copy Via Juba Celebs

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