Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fan Makes 6,000 ssp out of Bieet song

A proficient music Library businessman only identified as “Makur ”  basing in Rup Nhom of Rumbek state has reported he made a “no sweat” amount of 6,000SSP out of 50 D’s “Bieeteeh” Song; something he believes is God’s plans to save him and his family from South Sudanese’s current hard economic situations.
According to reports handed to Juba Celebs, Makur said he decided to make money out of “Bieet eeh” because it has been hitting in the State without a limit and so that gave him the permission to start selling the song at any price of his choice.
“Everyone loves to listen to ‘Bieet eeh’ song so I decided to be selling it alone at expensive price because In my computer centre I use to sell the other songs at 1ssp but Bieet at 3ssp so I end up making a lot of money everyday in my computer centre” revealed the excited Makur.
Makur having tasted the sweetness of this business and knowing all the benefits it has accrued to him, blurted out his “Cow Investment” secrets saying “Now I bought a cow from Lual Mayaam with “Bieet eeh” money. I thank the musician 50 D for the talent God will increase his music talent everyday.
“Bieet eeh”  which is a song that was sang in 2014 has always been one of the greatest hits and inspirational song to the society, source of unity and happiness. However, Juba Celebs couldn’t reach the singer of this song to find out if he had approved the “outing for money” of his song by this  fan or not.

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